Corner Burger x Tearfund Poverty Cycle Burger


This month Corner Burger has teamed up with the Tearfund Poverty Cycle to create a custom burger. Instead of designing it themselves, Tearfund threw the challenge out to their Facebook community and came up with the Poverty Cycle Burger.

Competitors were asked to post their dream burger in the comments section below and the winning creation will be on the menu at Corner Burger for the entire month of August (with a free feed for you and a mate of course).

The winner was Danielle McBride who combined delicious flavours in a way unheard of in burgers before.

Grilled Chicken, Apricot Sauce, Walnuts Cream Cheese and Spring Onion! 

And whats that taste like? It tastes like freedom! How?? $1 from every Poverty Cycle Burger helps Tearfund fight human trafficking and exploitation. Find out how you can have fun, get fit, and make a difference at

Raph Pepin